Two Big Mistakes to Avoid on Your Executive-Level Job Search
When you are conducting an executive-level job search, competition is fierce, the jobs are few, and the candidates are many. This means taking the time to develop a compelling executive resume and cover letter. You need an executive resume that markets your value to a prospective employer. But it doesn't end there, especially if you get the interview. Here we will review two mistakes you absolutely do not want to make during an executive-level job search.

Mistake #1 – Lying

Whether on your resume or during the interview process, it is important to be 100% honest. Lying is a very slippery slope, and whatever lies you tell are going to be associated with you throughout your career. Remember that employers these days check everything before making a hiring decision, so realize that it just isn't worth it. If there is an area in which you are lacking, make every effort to focus your resume more on the areas in which you excel. Rather than lying about inadequacies, simply avoid referring to these areas. Although you can't make yourself a candidate for a job if you are lacking the basic credentials, you can certainly make up for missing proficiencies or experiences by showing your strengths in other key areas.

Mistake #2 – Ignoring LinkedIn

Another common mistake when it comes to executive-level job searches is ignoring or paying minimal attention to LinkedIn. A majority of hiring executives are going to look at your LinkedIn profile before making a hiring decision and, in many cases, before even deciding to offer you an interview. Create a LinkedIn page that is more than just a copy of your resume. Make sure you mention your goals and career aspirations and, using tight, powerful language, work to highlight your experience, competencies, and qualifications. A great LinkedIn page can be your ticket to an interview—or even to getting hired; so make sure that your page is a reflection of your personal brand.

If you are looking to stand out in a sea of competitors, following these two simple rules can help you significantly. LinkedIn is a big part of the hiring process these days, and it is simply too powerful to ignore. And remember, lying on your resume really never works out. Be sure to avoid these mistakes, and your job search will likely be a much easier one!