Company Overview
DC Group has established itself as the leader in the Power service industry. We focus primarily on service to guarantee that our clients receive the best results for maintenance of their computer back-up systems.

Furthermore, we service all your backup power equipment such as diesel generators, power distribution units, invertors, rectifiers, UPS, rectifier batteries. We are your back-up power solution company.

We provide a comprehensive suite of services and products to more than 6,300 clients, 50% of whom are Fortune 50 firms. Our strong commitment to excellence by our entire organization and the most responsive Account Managers in the industry enable us to provide complete service and accurate reports in the shortest amount of time possible. Our experienced Field Service Engineers are trained to service all brands of equipment and are located strategically to cover all 50 states. Our state-of-the-art technology delivers reports and invoicing online that are easy to read and understand, enabling your organization to concentrate on its core business services.

Executive Summary

Based on our understanding of your organization’s objectives, you seek to identify a qualified critical system service provider to maintain the strict maintenance requirements for all locations that is reliable, experienced, timely, accurate and financially stable, and offers a wide depth of service while providing a cost effective solution. Your organization is also interested in selecting a provider who is committed to a continual process improvement with dedicated delivery of quality products and services.

The preferred provider must have the capability to provide day-to-day technical support to your organization’s infrastructure at all locations throughout North America. This technology must meet your organization’s current needs and future requirements including electronic customized reports & invoicing.

Our customer service is second to none as we have been making back-up power into a science with our Forty(40) years of experience.
Company Summary
DC Group
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(612) 435-0486
1977 West River Road North
Minneapolis, MN